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Why home buyers should have agent representation

Why home buyers should use an agent

Can you fix a transmission? Build a house?

Probably, with enough research, time, and trial & error. But isn’t that why we obtain the services of mechanics, contractors and accountants? Hiring experienced people who specialize in a certain field saves us a lot of time, headache and potentially, money.

Below are just a few reasons why you should also have an experienced agent working for you during your home-buying process:


  • Unlike all other professional services, buyers pay nothing for the services of an agent.


An agent will do all the dirty work:

  • Browse listings based on your criteria
  • Prepare side-by-side analysis of each property
  • Set up appointments
  • Work closely with your mortgage broker, lawyer


  • Is it a good deal based on market data?
  • A good investment based on market trends?
  • Is the location suitable? (Transportation, schools, shopping)


Having a professional in your corner balances the scales:

  • Seller’s agents have a responsibility to do what’s best for the seller, NOT YOU. (In a rush to buy? Getting a divorce? Willing to pay full price if absolutely necessary? Guess what, that will be used against you)
  • This is why sports figures, entertainers, and authors all use agents


  • Have a team of professionals on your side, 24/7


If looking to invest in a property, contact us to find out how we can be of great value to you.

Eric Ferrara

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